Hello all,

Bad news. My computer crashed and I lost all my files, including thousands of E6 songs and photos. The task of retrieving all of that is daunting, and it’s midterm season. For now, I’ll be taking a break from this blog, but I’ll leave it up for you to browse through, ask questions, or submit anything you feel the need to submit. Hopefully in the future I can continue posting, but there will definitely be at least a couple months of very few updates.

Sorry, guys :(


popantiguo asked:

Ohai! I'd like to do an article about Elephant 6, do you know where can I find someone to talk about it/answer questions? Or maybe a website with loads of documentation! thanks a lot. Isabel. x


My best suggestion would be to talk to the people over at Elephant 6 Townhall, (a forum). I don’t personally know anyone who would be “authorized” to answer any specific questions, but maybe someone over there would.

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i was thinkin about the lyric “the only girl i’ve ever loved was born with roses in her eyes” from Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel while doing my illustration homework

i want to add some nice background plants but this is due in three hours and i’ve filled the assignment requirements so


The Gerbils - Glue / Is She Fiona Single, 1997

Buy a ticket for the in-process screening in Athens GA on October 13, buy a digital download of the movie, or buy posters and t-shirts to support the first long-form documentary about Elephant 6.


vaelis inspired me to do more chillax covers of nmh, and so HERE GOES NOTHING LOLOLOLOLOLO